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Four core services that will show how your business stands financially, remain tax compliant, and keep you on track with personal and business goals

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Outsourced Accounting


Maintenance of the books and the general ledger to ensure all transactions are accounted for

Vendor Bills

No need to worry about paying off the bills of your business as we keep track of that for you

Bank Reconciliation

Checking your books to match with your bank account to ensure funds are going in the right place

Payroll with Reports

Payroll can be tedious at the end of the week. Let us print your checks and a helpful summary of this activity

Sales Tax

Another tedious activity for businesses, we can prepare monthly sales tax reports and ensure compliance

Financial Statements

Four handy documents to display your total assets and liabilities so you can make informed financial decisions

Depreciation Schedules

Four handy documents to display your total assets and liabilities so you can make informed financial decisions


Thinking of getting new equipment or remodeling? We'll create an optimized budget to see if it's possible

Tax Preparation

Individual Tax

Same familiar tax preparation for individuals and families but highly analyzed by our top-tier CPAs

Partnership Tax

Tax preparation for businesses in which more than one owner is involved in running it

Corporate Tax

Tax preparation for businesses with multiple owners that have agreed to act as one entity

Non-Profit Tax

We'll help not only with tax preparation but also with filing for your status as a non-profit organization

State & Local Tax

Assistance with Texas Franchise tax preparation as well as individual income state tax for other states

International Tax

Running a business in Mexico or another foreign country? We can assist with special cases such as those

Estates & Trusts

If you've been named a trustee of an estate, we provide assistance with tax compliance for this

Tax Planning

Receive strategies for reporting expenses on your next tax return that will increase your refund


Receive strategies for reporting expenses on your next tax return that will increase your refund

Cost Segregation

Increase your cash flow by reducing tax liabilities due to personal property in your workplace

Business Advisory Services

Financial Planning

Get expert advice for achieving personal or business financial goals through various strategies


Facing bankruptcy or liquidation of a store? We're here to guide you through this often complex process

Succession Planning

Planning to hand over the business to a new leader? We'll develop an exit strategy to reduce financial risks

Business Valuations

Thinking of selling your business or buying one? Our business valuations will give you insight into this matter

Loan Reviews

Don't get stuck with a loan that doesn't favor your cash flow. Our expertise can help you secure a better deal

Cash Flow Planning

As part of our job, we'll monitor your cash flow to ensure that it is stable regardless of the economy

Insurance Coverage

We can analyze your insurance policies to find any gaps in coverage and save you some money

Retirement Planning

If you wish to live your retirement years with peace of mind, let us give you a strategy that works for you

Internal Control

Prevent fraud and waste in your business by allowing us to form an internal control policy that will be efficient

Attestation & Auditing


Get your financial statements revised for errors and fraud using the proper fianncial reporting framework


Get your financial statements reviewed to provide a better understanding of the figures displayed in them


Understand the current financial state of your business without need for an audit or review

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Protect the assets of employee benefit plans and ensure funds will be available to compensate employees

401 (k) Audit

Ensure compliance is met by reviewing your plan and checking that this benefit is administered correctly

Agreed-Upon Procedures

Audit-like, fact-based reporting for multiple parties to help make financial decisions

Stop struggling with the burden of managing your bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation. Send us a message or call to receive invaluable help so you can get back to more important things, like your business and your family

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